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homeclick Outdoor Kitchen Ideas added by homeclick 2 hour(s) ago
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It takes more than a charcoal grill and a picnic table to call it an outdoor kitchen. Here we explore some must-have features in the modern day outdoor kitchen.

Professional 36 36 Signature Three Burner BBQ Grill in Stainless Steel

For those who want to decorate but don't know where to start.

US Decorating Design Old Couch Repainted Bright Room Motives

If you have a smaller bathroom, do not fall into despair - you can easily make it look much bigger with a few simple modifications.

Small bathroom design bright bathroom tiles bathroom frieze

In kitchen renovation, not only can the room’s present ground plan change, but also the entire look and feel of the kitchen may be transformed. The space needs to be laid out properly, be stylistically united and function efficiently.

Pine kitchen cabinets with goose figurine on counter

Regardless of the spill, you'll want to take immediate action to prevent staining on your carpets. Here are 5 homemade carpet cleaning solutions that will help prevent long-term blemishes on your carpets.

Capitol Hill Interior Designs Monaco Leather Sofa and Loveseat In Dark Brown Furniture Carpet and More
Jenny Bathroom Makeover Tips added by Jenny 1 week, 1 day(s) ago
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Blame the rapid growth in the spa industry, but bathrooms are taking center stage in the average home.

Romantic Orlando Bathroom by Kohler Bathroom Remodel Sammamish-Bathroom

Yes, you may still have functioning furniture items, but if they are already out of style, perhaps it is high time to buy new ones.

 Delano 8 Piece Sofa, Club Chair and Ottomans Set
tedlevinonline 4 Ways to Save Money on Utilities added by Theodore Levin 1 week, 5 day(s) ago
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Think you're spending too much on your electric bill? How about your gas heat? If you're looking to potentially save big money over the long-term on your utility bills, try out these 4 steps.

Colorful Window Boxes Against Summer Chalet Outdoor Gas Fireplace Fireplace Waterfall
NehaAggarwal Bathroom and Kitchen Safety Tips added by NehaAggarwal 3 week(s) ago
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A collection of tips and advice to prevent common accidents around the home.

Microwave Oven, 30 Gladstone 1 Light Mini Pendant LadyLuck 3 Light Foyer Pendant & 1 Light Wall Sconce In Polished Nickel
homeclick Crystal Chandeliers from Schonbek added by homeclick 3 week(s) ago
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We got a 360 degree look at two of Schonbek's newer chandelier designs on display in their Dallas showroom. Fair to say we've never seen this much crystal in one room.

Crystal Chandeliers from Schonbek Trilliane 15 Light Down Lighting Chandelier Ekaterina 15 Light Large Foyer Chandelier