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emmas Queen Size Bed Buying Guide added by Emma Sand 1 week, 2 day(s) ago
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Finding the right queen size bed is essential for the quality of your sleep.

Queen Size Bed In White Leather Look Modern bedroom with floor to ceiling patterned drapes and mirrored wardrobe Traditional Bedroom
Dixie-Somers The Storm Ready Home: 4 Ways to Weatherize added by Dixie Somers 1 week, 6 day(s) ago
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Homes built in storm-prone areas of the country need that little extra something to last each storm season. Here are four ways to get your home storm ready.

weather proof windows replacing your door new roof

Winter storms and deep freezes are deceptive killers. They can knock out heat, power, and communication, leaving you and your family exposed and in great danger. Here are the first steps you should take following a winter storm to get your home back to working order.

winter patio
BigRon Checklist For a Wheelchair-friendly Home added by Ron 3 week(s) ago
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If you are a wheelchair user, or if like me you have a family member who is, you'll know that home improvements and DIY require a bit of thought. I put together this checklist for my brother's new home. I hope it can help you, too.

Eclectic bathroom with flowered wallpaper and adobe tile floor hidden hoist

Pink acorns, gold chestnuts, and evergreen: A seasonal guide to fun, natural homemade home decor.

woodland mantle 2 woodland mantle gold chestnuts

Some kitchen renovations are luxuries. Others are a necessity. Is yours the latter? Read on to find out.

kitchen-wood Floor Space Worktop Space

Your home’s exterior is a jacket it will wear for the rest of its life—or at least twenty years—but choosing the right siding for your home is more than a matter of taste; it’s a delicate balance of cost, functionality, and aesthetics.

Two story bungalow style house with front porch Gray shingle, 2-story house with white trim and black front door siding

In the market for new garage doors? This is a must-read.

Garage Door  Installation New York Wooden siding & shingle home w/ brown garage door & gable & angled asphalt roof garage door repair
penninja 5 Pre-Project Home Improvement Tips added by penninja 1 month(s) ago
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Be sure to make your next home improvement project a big success. Learn what you want, how to do it, mind your budget, and prioritize tasks. The article below will walk you through it.

Eclectic English country-inspired living room with floral patterns Vintage Door Headboard DIY Lexus Floor Plan -