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Storage with style! This done-up garage space provides the empty-nesting homeowners with ample room for their vehicles, gardening supplies, tools and more--all tastefully tucked away.

Closets By Design - Garage Closets by Design - Garage Closets by Design - Garage

See how this once popular American home style is making a comeback, with a redesign to fit the times. Here are 6 ways you can bring your ranch house current with the times.

Marin Remodel Kichler Outdoor Entryways - A Stylish Welcome
arielbath The Many Benefits of Steam Showers added by Ariel Bath 3 day(s) ago
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Add a steam shower to your bathroom and enjoy a wide range of health benefits, from stress relief to a boosted immune system.

Ariel 4-Piece Porcelain Bath Ariel Bath DZ972F8 Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower

Elkay pulled out all the stops at KBIS this year, parking a full-sized mobile showroom in the middle of the floor. They also addressed a huge headache in kitchen cleanliness with their "perfect drain", a must-see for those with a high use kitchen.

Elkay's Heart of the Home Tour Best of KBIS: Elkay's Perfect Drain Best of KBIS: Design-Craft's Rustic Luxe Cabinets
Maya 4 Steps to a Clutter-Free Home added by Maya 1 week, 1 day(s) ago
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Is your home's messiness affecting your life? Follow these four steps to add some organization and serenity to your living spaces.

shezagary 8 Kids Room Ideas added by shezagary 1 week, 3 day(s) ago
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Looking to makeover your kid's room? Here are 8 elements to consider.

Cody Bookcase Daybed Kids Bed in White Gabriel's Room Atlanta Family Townhome - Kids' Places

By midsummer, many of your vegetables will be showing healthy growth. This is also the time when they are hungry for nutrients. Here are some garden fertilizer tips for your midsummer veggies.

Garden Fertilizer Tips for Midsummer Vegetables Five Flowers That Attract Bees Bee Balm Borage Purple Sensation Allium Coneflower with butterfly Lilac Butterfly weed

If you're going to have people over to enjoy the nice weather, make sure your outdoor spaces have these four crucial features.

Cozy backyard with patio furniture and shade umbrella Outdoor Kitchen  Evo Woven Wicker Patio Tea Table
ethanwilkins87 8 Kitchen Organization Ideas added by Ethan Wilkins 3 week(s) ago
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Several ideas on how to make maximum use of the kitchen space

Traditional Kitchen Design Kitchen Working Triangle Plain Wooden Cupboards

Most annual flowers are so easy to grow from seed, that there’s really no reason to buy them at a garden center. You can simply tuck the seeds into the ground as soon as the soil has warmed up and they will be flowering before you know it.