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Campfire love
Your hand touches mine
The warmth and crackle so near
Love these summer nights
Family Time
Sit, relax, enjoy
The smores, the hotdogs, the fun
Love family time
No place like HOME
Love my outside space
The best is WHO is inside
Truly blessed by God
This is the Life....
Take time to relax
Stop and roll in the flowers
Ahhh, my happy place!

Not Beating The Heat
It's so much fun to
take summer photos, unless
You live in Texas
Rub-a-dub-dub, nobody uses this tub
Broken old hot tub
You deserve to be replaced
By new furniture
Will someone clean? Perchance to dream.
No prize can win me
A cleaner, organized deck
But a girl can dream
Want S'More Fun!
Craving sweet s'mores
Roasted, gooey marshmallows
Backyard treat delights!
A Sweet Patio Moment Captured
Embrace sweet moments
Grasp a swift instant in time
Nature's hushed winds calm.
The Colors of Dusk
Yearn for dusk's approach
Painted sunsets beckon us
Vivid colors call.
Kissed by Summer
Sun's rays kiss tanned cheeks
Toes dip in azure water
Summer love abounds.
Ghost Seating
A sanctuary
Evening’s family respite
Oh, to have cushions
The Outdoor Furniture Blues:  How Can We Miss with Bliss
Sunny, warm, playful
days. Blissful eves. Furniture
not tempting, guests leave...
The Outdoor Furniture Blues:  How Can We Miss with Bliss
Sunny, warm, playful
days. Blissful eves. Furniture
not tempting, guests leave...
The Outdoor Furniture Blues:  How Can We Miss with Bliss
Sunny, warm, playful
days. Blissful eves. Furniture
not tempting, guests leave...
Wind blows through our hair
Sun goes up and down
Hearing laughs of family
Homeclick Dreams
Our need for patio furniture has us dreaming of Homeclick products.
Contemplation on Clutter
What's wrong with our patio furniture.
Celtic Concerns
Something is missing from my backyard.
Procrastinator Plans
My wife contemplating our lack of patio furniture and what we need to do next.
Time to Shop
Our new patio addition and old moved furniture for it
Thank Dog for summer
A Malamute rests
Floral pillow shade haven
For the love of dog
Shangri La
Bunting on the wing
Resting under the summer sun
Cool breeze in my face
Summer Chill
Summer deck chillin',
Until the chill of fall comes,
So hot, but so cool.
Still Life with mountains
Green leaf and needle
Carve the landscape's rich bounty
to drench the yellow sun
Where's the Party
No one's at the bar
Come hang out with me and hubby
Fun is about to start
Bartender On Duty
Wine, beer, shots or margaritas
How about you name your poison, Pop
I can whip up anything
Sneaky Little Smile
Hanging out at our bar
We're drinking lots of wine and beer
What's on my little mind
Froggie On The Wall
Lots of time and work
We build a wall on our own
Chiropractor on call for days
Fetch on the deck
A game without end
chasing a small yellow ball
your favorite thing
Patio dinner companion
Looking at your face
you speak with no words needed
the message received
Hanging in the hammock
Summertime living
listening to the birds sing
and wind through the trees
Family reunion alfresco
Siblings sipping wine
savoring past memories
toast good things to come
She Shed

Pick Your Structure
Once you’re squared away with the city, you can start looking at your structural options. There are four main options to consider for your She Shed:

Convert an existing structure: Already have a shed in your backyard? Consider converting this into a habitable space by adding flooring, lighting, etc.
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She Shed

Define Your Purpose
If you had a private getaway all to yourself, what would you use it for? Napping and relaxation? Writing your latest novel? Catching up with a friend? The first step in building your perfect She Shed is to decide how you would utilize the space. This can help you make other important decisions, such as space requirements, utility hookups, lighting needs, and seating options.

Remember, this space is all about you. You get to choose how you want to utilize the space.

Check Your Local Ordinances
How do you make your dream space a reality? Once you’ve determined the purpose of your She Shed, it’s time to move into some of the more practical details.

First, look at the zoning ordinances and any home owner’s association guidelines for your neighborhood. This will give you all the information you need for the structure’s size and building requirements. This is especially important if you are adding a new structure to your property, as opposed to converting an existing structure.

If your city requires a permit for your new or converted structure, be sure to have your plat of survey handy before contacting your local zoning department. This will help in determining where the structure can be located on your property.
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