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Rated A'rrrrr 1
Blackbeard final resting place
My Mausoleum
The ghost she is made of chicken wire and cheesecloth. The stones on the garage door I made from Styrofoam and the vases are plastic champagne glasses.
My Spider
The spider I made from PVC pipe and an exercise ball, the leg span is 18 feet
My Cemetery
Some of the stones I made and I thought everyone walks a dog, so why not a cat, it may be bones but that is what is on the other end as well.
A kitty's work is never done!
Stripey greets the Trick o Treaters and gets lots of smiles
Halloween 2015
our penny is ready for Halloween 2015
Our new house had a UFO Crash in the front yard...looks good for halloween!
My First Halloween - I can bear-ly wait!!!
Can I trade smiles for treats?
Princess then teenager now, ugh!
Ashley's costume when she was 7.
The things kids will do to get out of doing their chores.
Let's make a deal with the kids.
I got my eye on you
My happy girl after receiving a candy eye
Ghoul-dman Hotel
Here are some of our Halloween decorations for this year...it is one of my favorite holidays :)
Ghoul-dman Hotel
Our guest bathroom is creepy...complete with hands holding the toilet paper...on the night of the party there are red lights in the fixtures and floating candles from the ceiling.
Ghoul-dman Hotel
I couldn't capture this space entirely...there is a sign that says "the witch is in" and there are witches hats hanging from ceiling and cob webs on the banister above...
Ziggy Gives a Big Hoot
Meet Ziggy the Halloween Owl who welcomes all children young and old to having a "safe and happy Halloween"
A feastful graveyard
Gather a couple of friends for a frightful night full of snacks and and tons of spooky talk! Don't forget the dry ice for that special ghostly touch.
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