How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

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How to Repalce a Bathroom Faucet. This video will show you how to install or replace a bathroom faucet.

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Tips: This video will show you how to install a bathroom faucet.

8 steps on 'How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet'

1Shut off the water

Shut off the hot and cold water supply valves.

2Remove the old faucet

Remove the old faucet set and clean the sink surface of any silicone, plumber’s putty or gunk build-up.

3Insert valve stems

Insert the valve stems through the holes and secure snugly. Hot water (red) on the left, cold water (blue) on the right.

4Insert the spout

Insert the stem of the spout through the middle hole and secure to the mounting bracket using the brass nut.

5Attach the handles

Screw the handles onto the stems. Insert hot and cold set screws if supplied. Hot on the left, cold on the right.

6Secure the lift rod

Secure the new lift rod to the pop-up mechanism according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

7Attach the water supply lines

Attach the hot and cold water supply lines by screwing them on to the valve stems. The manufacturer’s instructions may require the use of Teflon tape.

8Turn on the water

Open the water supply valves. Turn on the water to the faucet and check for leaks.

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guestuserFloyd commented - 3 month(s) ago
The new faucet pays for itself by alleviating the need of a plumber!
guestuserLashley10 commented - 8 month(s) ago
far easier than I would have thought