How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

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How to Repace a Ceiling Fan. A ceiling fan adds aesthetic and air circulation to a room.

  • Philips head screw driver
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Electrical & Lighting
  • New Jersey
  • 1 Hour
  • Amateur
Tips: Be sure to read the manufacturer's installation instructions before attempting this project, as product installation methods may vary greatly from brand to brand.

13 steps on 'How to Replace a Ceiling Fan'

1Cut the power

Turn off the electricity to the circuit that you will be working on at the breaker box.

2Remove the old fan

Remove the old fan starting with the fan blades and any light fixtures that are hanging underneath it.

3Remove retaining screws

Remove the retaining screws holding the base in place and disconnect the wires.

4Attach the new ceiling plate to ceiling

Position the new ceiling plate in place. Pull the existing wires through the hole in the new ceiling plate and secure the plate to the box using the screws supplied with the kit.

5Assemble new fan base components

Assemble the base components following the instructions that came with the kit by first pulling the wires through the canopy.

6Finish assembling base canopy

Secure the canopy to the base.

7Hang the canopy

Hang the canopy onto the ceiling plate.

8Cut and strip wires

Cut the wires to their proper length and strip the ends.

9Join like-colored wires

Join the two white wires, the two black wires and the two green wires using wire connectors. Connect any additional wires according the instructions that came with the kit.

10Secure the canopy to the ceiling plate

Pull the canopy flush to the ceiling and secure it with the canopy screws.

11Attach the new blades

Attach each blade to an arm using the supplied hardware. Be sure they are secured tightly.

12Attach light fixture (if applicable)

If the fan has a pre-assembled light fixture, attach it according the instructions and install any bulbs and shades.

13Turn power back on

Restore power to the circuit. Test to make sure the ceiling fan is operating correctly.

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guestuserPaula Venema commented - 1 month(s), 4 week(s) ago
Luv it when I can avoid having to pay a contractor!!
Move-out-MatesMove out Mates commented - 1 month(s), 4 week(s) ago
Yeah, but this seems a bit more than you should be doing on your own, if you have no experience with electrical appliances. And if you do, you wouldn't be needing this how-to article.. no ?